Success Stories


Love in the UK

Dear Jill,

I had just split up with a lovely man I'd been seeing for 18 months that I'd also met on your site... We had a great time but we were on very different spiritual paths and couldn't reconcile that. 

After a time I thought I'm ready to look again and logged into your site to 'get back out there'....

There was nobody in Scotland that I felt a connection with.... So I widened it to England. On the second page Martell turned up.... I looked at his photo... and thought 'He's the man!'....

Read his bio and he sounded great.... I sent a wee hello...

Our spiritual paths are pretty way out, and for the first time ever I have found a partner who is into the same thing and doesn't think I am crazy... Ha ha

We are overjoyed and excited about meeting and creating a future together, and have found out about lots of past lives together. 

Thank you again, you are doing a great job.