Success Stories


Off the Chart Energies Together!

Dear Jill, (from Shubhra)

Enclosed please find ‘OUR LOVE STORY’, that from ‘3’ months ago has turned into an ENGAGEMENT of ‘ECSTATIC BLISS’!

Our picture is from our ‘Sacred Special Day’, when Gordon proposed to me.

I have had countless people inquiring how ALL of this happened, even the stewardess on my return flight from California, and she hurried up and wrote down the site as I repeated Spiritual Singles.

Gordon and I are so sure from our ‘Off The Charts Energies Together’, that as soon as the inquiry’s are made about  ‘How We Met’, your business will be booming with NEW Perspectives People searching for the ONE. 

We are both ever so thrilled with this MIRACLE that has occurred, and offer great GRATITUDE for the BLESSINGS from your Spiritual Singles Site.

Both Gordon and I have consented to please remove our profiles from the site, as we have made this Sacred Life Commitment to share our ‘LOVE, LIGHT, JOY, with each other and extend it to the world.

Blessing’s and Love,

Shubhra Rose & Gordon Asher Davidson


(From Gordon)

 Dear Jill, 

   Thank you for your gracious response which we thoroughly love and appreciate, and we are extraordinarily grateful for our profound connection that has resulted from being on Spiritual Singles. I am also letting those who want to know, that we met through your website and I hope this will also stimulate an increase in activity for your work.

   You are more than welcome to use our story on your success stories page as a small expression of our gratitude for the service that you have provided to us and I'm sure many others.

   You are right about the exponential explosion of energy that occurs when two souls meet who are destined to be together and synergize their dreams, visions, hearts, souls and minds. We are very aware that we are in fact twin flames and are extraordinarily grateful that we have connected again after many adventures through many incarnations, and have completed enough of our learning and refining so we can live in this ecstatic, blissful love together. And this is one of the greatest gifts we can possibly know in the world of human/Divine life. We are also completely dedicated to strengthening, magnifying, sharing and radiating this love to everyone we meet always.

   Yes, we do have lots of plans for major world changing initiatives which we will be happy to share with you at the right time. So thank you again for your wonderful support and service, and we bless you in your work that you may continue to help thousands of souls to achieve deep soul union with their beloved partner, radiate that love and joy to all, and help make this a transfigured, joyful world for all life on earth. 

Love and blessings and eternal gratitude to you always from both of us,

Gordon and Shubhra



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