There are so many wonderful, inspiring, helpful websites, people, magazines, newsletters, environmental organizations and directories that we decided to provide you with some of our recommended resources.

We encourage you to visit these sites and utilize whatever products/services you are drawn to. Enjoy!

Greenpeace--Save the Whales!
Humanity Healing International
Ripple your Love out! Humanity Healing International is a humanitarian, nonpolitical, nondenominational spiritual organization promoting Spiritual Activism as a means to foster Healing for communities around the world that have little or no Hope and Spiritual Environmentalism to raise awareness of our interdependence with all life. There is only ONE Earth. There is only ONE Humanity.
Save the Whales Again
The Whaleman Foundation is an oceanic research, conservation and production organization dedicated to preserving and protecting dolphins, whales, and their ocean habitat.
IFAW (International Fund for Animal Welfare)

From the outset, the founders of the International Fund for Animal Welfare, or IFAW, rejected the notion that the interests of humans and animals were separate. Instead they embraced the understanding that the fate and future of harp seals-and all other animals on Earth-are inextricably linked to our own. 

IFAW's courageous actions drew international attention to the plight of the seal pups and successfully rallied worldwide condemnation of the hunt. Thanks to IFAW's continued vigilance, it is now illegal to hunt whitecoat seal pups for commercial purposes on the ice floes off Canada's east coast. This is a fragile victory, however, for Canada's commercial seal hunt persists. IFAW continues to document and expose abuses of the commercial hunt and press for an end to this cruel, unsustainable slaughter. Over the years, the small team of committed campaigners reaching out to help seals has grown to become the world's leading international animal welfare organization. IFAW begins its fourth decade of operation with more than 200 experienced campaigners, legal and political experts, and internationally acclaimed scientists working from offices in 15 countries around the world.

We are now joined in this important work by some two million contributors worldwide. This broad base of support makes it possible for IFAW to engage communities, government leaders, and like-minded organizations around the world and achieve lasting solutions to pressing animal welfare and conservation challenges-solutions that benefit both animals and people. Over the years, our approach has been as varied as the species we protect.


Dating Advice is a diverse site that offers expert articles and content pieces, including in-depth profiles and features of industry-leading people and companies, as well as expert reviews of the best dating sites, exclusive studies, and more. With expert content from over 250 psychologists, psychiatrists, dating coaches, and matchmakers, strives to be the "authority on all things dating."
Find Your Soulmate
Do you feel frustrated in your search for the right partner? Are you afraid that you won’t find your soulmate? Do you keep on attracting the wrong person? Soulmate intensives are a short series of soul therapy sessions that help you prepare for Big love, find the One, and create a healthy, lasting spiritual partnership. Release unconscious blocks to love, transform relationship patterns, heal past lives, manifest your soul’s path, magnetize your soulmate, connect to your spirit guides, learn to date successfully, and much more. Sessions available worldwide by phone and Skype.
The Animal Rescue Site
This is a fantastic site that feeds rescued animals. All you need to do is go to the site and click the purple button. Your free click represents 6 bowls of food for an animal. Please go to the site once a day and click the button! Thanks!
Amplify Your Sexy Factor!
Magnetizing Love
A range of coaching programs, workshops and courses to support you to attract the love and relationship you so desire and deserve. Claim your free gift back to include a Free Session “Release the obstacles to love and become irresistibly magnetic to your soul mate.”
Science meets stillness for uncommonly deep meditation.
The Profound Meditation Program facilitates deep meditation through the use of innovative brainwave entrainment and biofield technology. This unique deep meditation technology is helping people from around the world experience breakthroughs in life transformation and spiritual practice.
Sovereign Mind Radio
Our Green Book
Great, green magazine! Check it out.
Silver Springs Ionic/Colloidal Silver
Follow Hawk & Mistie Lee's (owners) personal story as they fight a terminal illness - naturally! Mistie was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) December 24th, 2009. This is one of the most aggressive Cancers known. She also received a diagnosis of Hepatitis C - this she kicked in less than 6 months. Find out why Mistie believes their product is the reason she is alive today! Click here - "Mistie Lee's Update". Help keep both her and Dynamic Alternatives alive by purchasing Silver Springs Ionic/Colloidal Silver Dietary Supplements. Donations are also welcome!
Gurutej: Life Enhancing and Stress Reduction Programs
In this life it is all about mastery. I want to give you the tools to master both earth and ether. To become your own Energy Guru! Success is based on two key elements: energy and relationships. With abundance of these two elements, you can create awareness and it is awareness that gives you the capacity to act effectively. Effective action further creates great relationships and vibrant energy – without which everything is a struggle. But the converse is also true – so we must strive for great connection and communities.
Tantric Techniques Video
Discover Your Divine Blueprint
Mind Movies for Manifesting!
Check out these great mind movies. It's like a moving manifestation board with affirmations that you can watch everyday. There are free pre-made mind movies, or you can make your own! Enjoy, it's very cool.
What Would Men Say
The Telos Connection
We highly recommend Dianne Robbins' books. Dianne is an incredibly gifted channel with an open heart and warm smile for all she comes in contact with.
Relationships and Beyond
You are invited to "Relationships and Beyond" the Internet Radio Program that is waking up the world.
Esateys and Rafael are Relationship Experts that provide powerful understanding and insight into the complexities of relationships. Their weekly Internet radio show, Relationship...and Beyond hosted on The world Puja Network focuses on the myriad of relationships we have with our external world (such as our romantic relationships, relationship to our bodies, our environment, our jobs...etc) all of which ultimately come back to our relationship with ourselves. To claim your article on the true meaning of Relationship visit
Healing Touch Quick Steps
Dr. Bruce Lipton, Deepak Chopra, Eckhart Tolle, Mary Burmeister, Lynne McTaggart, and Terry Cole-Whittaker, all talk about a Unified Field of Consciousness, a universal life force that interconnects All of Life. Perfect Health is literally "in our Field!" Infinitely truthful, infinitely loving, infinitely flowing, we can access Perfect Health via "the Field" and actually influence our bodies right now with Healing Touch Quick Steps.
REALationship Coach--Ken Donaldson

Ken has some great products that are very helpful to singles! He also has a "Marry Yourself First" Seminar coming up in February 2008. Just click the link to get all of the information.

Soul Mate Kit
Tired of Kissing Frogs? Ready to Meet Your Soulmate?
When you use this kit along with our site, it makes it very easy to meet the love of your life! ENJOY!
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